Who are the people behind the Shared Houses Collective and the Project Swallow?

We laid the foundations of our collective back in 2015. Since then, it has slightly transformed into the current structure. For the past two years, we have also been working on our plan to realise our ideas on community housing, even though the plan did get much clearer only in the last six months.

We are quite a diverse group – we grew up both in towns and in the country, some of us outside the Czech Republic. However, we share similar views on society, politics, life and housing. Unlike many of our peers, we do not want to seclude ourselves to individualised family lives. On the contrary, we aim to live side by side with other people, share joyful moments, support each other in difficult times, work together and help other people who would like to live like us.

Swallow” (“Vlaštovka” in Czech) is the name of our first (and so far, the only) housing project. At present, both collectives presented here consist of the same members. In future, we hope for more residents of our next projects, that means for new members of the Shared Houses Collective. At the moment, we are 13 adults of different ages and one baby (for the time being).

Every one of us devotes their free time to develop the project as much as it is possible.