Who are the people behind the Sdílené domy (Shared Houses) collective and První vlaštovka (the First Swallow)?

We laid the foundations of our collective back in 2015. Since then its composition slightly changed until it crystallized into its present form. From the beginning, we have been working to realise our vision of community housing, which ceases to be “just” a vision by the turn of 2021 and 2022.

We are quite a diverse group – we grew up both in towns and in the country, some of us outside the Czech Republic. However, we share similar views on society, politics, life and housing. Unlike many of our peers, we do not want to seclude ourselves to individualised family lives. On the contrary, we aim to live side by side with other people, share joyful moments, support each other in difficult times, work together and help other people who would like to live like us.

The First Swallow is the name of Shared Houses’ first project. Currently, the two collectives overlap to a large extent. In the future, however, we hope that the number of members of the Shared Houses will grow to include residents of other projects. At the moment we have fourteen adults and three children in Shared Houses, while First Swallow has thirteen adults and three children.

Everyone of us devotes their free time to develop the project as much as it is possible.